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Product description: Rs. 6,000: Mini gps tracker and gsm voice bug, Lahore Products (130888), 1. Introduction This product adopts the latest intelligent seven-base-station..
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Electronics: Mini GPS Tracker and GSM Voice BUG Lahore |

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Mini GPS Tracker and GSM Voice BUG in Pakistan Lahore

Posted: 28/12/2016
Contact Person: Mushtaaq
Contact No: +923334403205
Location: Lahore
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Price: PKR 6000
Mini GPS Tracker and GSM Voice BUG 1. Introduction This product adopts the latest intelligent seven-base-station positioning system and can realize more accurate faster than traditional single-base-station three-base-station system. With V3 google map, it supports application in most countries. Other features of include voice-controlled alarm, compact size, clear voice, long standby time, stable performance easy installation. It is mainly used for home monitoring, regulation supervision children, aged pets, anti-theft tracking automobiles warehouses, etc. 4. Operating instructions 4.1 Startup Open small cover on device insert SIM card into holder; will be started automatically. The indicator flash a few seconds during startup process. Reinstall after goes out before you use it. Note: Please useSIM with good 2G-GSM network signal Call identification needs to enabled terminal GPS function PIN code an off state. 4.2 Setting master number Dial your mobile phone. After connected listening sound around 15 or so, phone get message ring set successfully ; then just need hang up If not received, setting fails. 4.3 Restore factory settings When doesn t work properly due incorrect parameters, try send instruction restore its parameters default make resume normal operation. restoring factory# When receives this instruction, restored values, all values manually disappear (number service center, also disappear). If settings, received. 4.6 SOS operation 4.6.1 To number, following add through number: Example: specified as corresponding number. sos1,13412345678# means first sos2,13512345678# second sos3,13612345678# third SOS1 successfully, back successfully! reply. 4.6.2 Delete want delete specific serial such sos1,d# number sos2,d# number sos3,d# number 4.6.3 help emergency, press key trigger alarm. Such alarm sent preset numbers by telephone, if there no answer when are dialed cyclically, two cycles dialing made at most. Note: function, first! 4.7 time interval GPRS transmission data Default 300 seconds, that is, uploads one piece platform server every seconds. data, edit GRPS timing instruction. Instruction format: upload, (second)# range interval: 60-180000 upload,60# The example indicates 60 backstage uploading back. 4.8 Voice-controlled remote switch voice control disabled state 4.8.1 Send 1111 enabled. Voice enabling instruction: 4.8.2 0000 disabled. Voice disabling 4.9 sensitivity satisfied device, adjust delivered from factory, 83 default. Instruction level, value# Setting value: 30-100; larger value, higher sensitivity. Example: level,83# 83. successfully; 4.10 Terminal restart works abnormally, example, position, perform terminal: reset# immediately. restarted 4.11 already contains GSM countries; please manually. 4.11.1 APN Different operators different countries have APN. Please consult local telecommunication use. apn,network name# apn,cmwap# In th

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Name: Mushtaaq
Phone: +923334403205
Publish Date 28/12/2016
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